Monday, May 20, 2013

June YM @ YR4

Wow, 1666.....1000 point rally off the lows in March 2009 at 666.Thats when I started this blog. The blog archive shows that I was very bullish back then felt the market had hit bottom.  I am not bullish anymore. Today is the 1st of 2 Pluto-Uranus squares in 2013. The Last one was on sept. 19, 2012 and that was the high of the year for the Dow and S&p. The YM futes are at resistance here at YR4 and the ES futes is also at resistance at YR3. Will this finally be the week the market will  take a a break? The Bradley Model is calling for a trend change in the next 30 days. I feel a top is close. S&P may go to YR3 at 1730, if we break the resistance pivots we are currently at.