Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Head & Shoulders top in the making

If we fail to make new all time highs this year, then this HNS top could bring us down to 800-900 really fast.......like in 2008.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Week of January 28th

We have a major Bradley date this week. Since we have rallied into the date, I think the new trend will be down or sideways. Price can only move 3 ways: Up, Down or sideways.We are are very close to the S&P 500 yearly R1 pivot point at 1512-1515. We also have a Fed 2 day meeting this week. I'm looking for the reversal candle this week to go short. I will send out a tweet when I see it!

Gold: I see a possible inverse head & shoulders pattern developing around 1630-1650. Or a double bottom at 1625 on ms1

Crude oil riding the daily 8 day / 9day moving average.

AAPL open gap at 420.41 from 1/24/2012. Yearly S1 pivot= $392. Looking for a blowoff low arourd there.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dow at MR2

The 8 day ema moving average(grey line) has been support for the past 2 weeks, Everyday I buy the intraday pull backs to this line(or S pivots) and sell at the end of the day. Easy money! I am looking for a market top soon. We closed last week near the monthly R2 pivot point. The March YM is very close to it's YR1 pivot point at 13618. Look for pull back any day/week. Bradley turn date on 1/29. Fed meeting 1/30.

S&P close to major Res

Just like with the Dow Jones, the S&P 500 is riding the 8 day moving average. We closed Friday at the yearly Camarilla H3 pivot at 1485. The S&P 500 is now getting close to major resistance area on the charts. Above is the Monthly R3 pivot at 1501.50 and the Yearly R1 is at 1512-14(depending on the data source). Demark is calling for a top at 1492. We have a major Bradley turn date coming up at the end of the month(1/29). I feel we have 15-30 more points to go before we see a correction/pull back start in February. If we pull back hard this week then we may explode higher in February.

March Wheaties

March Wheat futures bounced off the monthly S1 pivot point and rallied hard last week, up to the yearly pivot point(purple P). We may see some sideway consolidation this week. I still think it will go to the monthly Pivot Point(yellow P) at 807 by the end of the month.


I am looking for a pull back to start any day now, as the yearly R1 pivot was kissed. Monthly resistance too. It may need to go sideways for a week and let the 20dma(yellow line) flatten out.

EUR/USD the monthly R1 pivot point was resistance last week. It may pull back to the monthly pivot at1.3127

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Opex week January 18, 2013

This is Opex week. The question is will the S&P 500 pin 1500 or 1450? The monthly R2 pivot is at 1475, which we are just a few points away from. Some very smart and rich peeps(Kass and Demark) are saying we are very close to a market top.The Bradley Model says this rally should continue this week. Next turn date is 1/20/2013( +/- of 1 week). There is no sell signal as of Sunday night as I write this. Buying the intraday dips last week on VPOC's or Daily pivots(dp) was the trade. I expect it to be the same for this week as long as the daily 10 moving average holds.

NDX is close to a long(1 year) head & shoulders pattern at 2800. HNS patterns are the most powerful reversal patterns in trading....IMO. I'll be looking for a sell signal up there.

The EUR/USD is very close to the 500dma at 1.3366 and Monthly R1 is at 1.3377. I'll be looking for a sell signal there this week.

USD/JPY is very close to the yearly R1 pivot and the monthly R2 pivot at 90.32=Major resistance!

Corn and Wheat are giving buy signals.

Crude oil is battling it out at the yearly Pivot(P) and the Monthly R1 pivots at $94.

Natty on a buy signal off the Yearly Camarilla L3 pivot point($3.08). Natty will prolly trade between $2.94(YS1) and $5(YR2) this year.

Apple needs to hold $505 or next support below is the Monthly S1 pivot at $490.89, The 500dma is at $473.00.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Double top on Crude oil at YPP/MR1

Feb crude oil futes are doing a double top at the yearly pivot point(P) and the monthly R1 pivot point. Double trouble there!

Monday, January 7, 2013

monthly support and resistance for Jan 2013

I am looking for this rally to go up the monthly R2 pivot at 1475 by January Opex. on the 18th. Maybe even 1501(MR3). on the down side I see support at 1425 and an gap there. We  have a Bradley turn date on Jan. 20 and another major trend change date on Jan. 29 that will carry us to June 22. Will this rally continue into June or do we fall? The outcome of the Fed meeting on Jan. 29-30 will give us the direction.

short term entering the danger zone

Just entering the danger zone where 80% or more of stocks are trading above their 40 dma. We should see a pull back with in the next couple of weeks. 

13 year head & shoulders topping pattern for 2013?

If the S&P cannot make a new all time high in 2013, then look for a big pullback into 2015. I'm watching the yearly R1 pivot point at 1514 for clues. Also watching the Jan. 29th Bradley Model turn date and a Fed meeting then too. If 1514 is taken out then 1555 is the next major resistance pivot point.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

some 2013 yearly pivots to watch

IN 2013 I am looking for:

Corn to trade between $525(YR1) and $1019(YR2)
Oil to trade between $60(YS2) and $126(YR2)
Gold to trade between $1535(YS1) and $2078(YR3)
Silver to trader between $24.50(YS1) and $35.50(YR1)
AAPL high will be 640-688(YR1) and may see $392(YS1)
rates on the 10 yr could go to 2.85(YR2) or see 1.30(YS1)
The high on the S&P could be 1514(YR1) and fall to 1100(YS2)