Sunday, March 24, 2013

End of month/quarter/full moon this week

The last 4 trading days of March have been down 7 of the past 11 years. Can we still make new highs this week? yes, but I suspect it will be met with sellers booking some end of Quarter profit taking and the yearly R2 pivot point/Monthly R3 pivot will be strong resistance 14636.

Financial Astrology says look for big price swings this week.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pullback time

Thanks to Cyprus, it looks like the market will take a breather this week. Could be a big pullback to 1525 gap and possibly restest 1500. Notice how the Yearly R2 pivot point stopped the rally. In 2012 the ESZ2 YR3 pivot was the HOY.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vix on 1st yearly support pivot

The VIX low so far this year is on the yearly S1 pivot point. That might be the low for the year!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Quad Opex week

4 years ago last week, the stocked bottomed, after getting cut in half. Since then we have rallied almost 900 S&P points, and 8,000 Dow points back to the all time highs, What a ride! The Fed did good....IMO. The S&P is close to Demarks yearly High pivot at 1558 and Monthly R2 is close by at 1555. The high in 2000 was at 1555. We prolly take that out before we pull back to the open gap at 1525.

The Dow is testing monthly R2 here. Year R2 looms above @ 14,636. Price breaks above R2 only 15% of the time. R2 holds 85% of the time. Will we pin 14,500 this week or 14,100(gap 14130)?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NDX possible HNS

NDX making a possible head & shoulders topping pattern here. Open gap at 2811 needs filling.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

GLD 1st. yearly support zone is close

GLD has a confluence of 1st. yearly support Pivot Points between $148-$151. I'm looking for a strong bounce in that price zone. If $148 breaks, then watch out below. Next support zone is $137-$141.

March reversals

March has seen many trends come to an end:
Winter ends and Spring begins
March 2000 high...the tech bubble high
March 2003 low ...the tech bubble low
March 2009 the credit crisis low
March 2012 stopped the rally until Sept

In 2012, the high of the year(HOY) was at Woodies yearly R1 pivot point, and the low of 2012 was at Woodies yearly Pivot(P). The Dow Jones INDU is very close to this years Woodie YR1 pivot and the 2007 highs. Peeps that bought the INDU in Sep/Oct 2007 are now getting close to break even. Will those peeps(sellers) be strong enough to stop the rally this March? Most bull market rallies run out of steam in the 5th year. This March, this rally is entering it's 5th year, since the 2009 March low. IMO, sometime this year the rally will end and the bear will be back for a year or two. The next Bradley Model 2013 turn date isn't until June 22/ Quad opex and summer begins.

Last week was the trickster. Look for the same this week.