Monday, January 28, 2013

Week of January 28th

We have a major Bradley date this week. Since we have rallied into the date, I think the new trend will be down or sideways. Price can only move 3 ways: Up, Down or sideways.We are are very close to the S&P 500 yearly R1 pivot point at 1512-1515. We also have a Fed 2 day meeting this week. I'm looking for the reversal candle this week to go short. I will send out a tweet when I see it!

Gold: I see a possible inverse head & shoulders pattern developing around 1630-1650. Or a double bottom at 1625 on ms1

Crude oil riding the daily 8 day / 9day moving average.

AAPL open gap at 420.41 from 1/24/2012. Yearly S1 pivot= $392. Looking for a blowoff low arourd there.