Monday, November 2, 2009

Full Moon today

We usually get a short term trend reversal around full moons, as I have opined before. I am looking for the market to be up this week, before we resume the downtrend into the next major Bradley date(11/9). I am looking for the markets to possibly go down to the new monthly S1 pivots in the next few weeks. S&P 1000

Support and Resistance for this week 11/2/09

Dow support = 9700(50dma) and 9575 (gap)
Dow resistance = 9825(Wpp)

S&P support = 1016(Ws1) then 1000(Ms1)
S&P resistance = 1054(Wpp)

NDX support = 1638(gap), 1628(Ws1)
NDX resistance = 1703(Wpp), 1722(gap)