Saturday, June 8, 2013

Possible melt up in the next few weeks

We got the pull back I had been looking for and it bounced at our target. How far will this bounce go is the question. I don't know the answer, maybe the Bradley Model does? The Bradley Model(below) shows a H&S topping pattern around June 22. It shows a very fast vertical rise after a pull back in early June. We just had a pullback to the  YR2 pivot & open gap, right? If the Bradley Model is correct, the S&P could melt up to 1720(YR3)-1805(YR4) in the next few weeks (you want some of what I'm smoking :)) or we could go back down to 1600 for Quad opex on 6/21. March Quad Opex closed at 1550. The reason I choose 1720 is the SPX found support last week on the yearly R2 pivot, and the Yearly R3 pivot is at 1720(see above chart). It probably is a long shot. The largest open interest on June ES futures options is at 1550 & 1700. 
The 2013 Bradley Model shows a major trend change in the next few weeks(within a week +/-). The current trend has been up for the past 6 months, since the  Models last trend change date. That should mean the new trend will either be sideways or down into Oct/Nov.. The next Pluto-Uranus square is on November 1st.(last one was May 20). My guess is we will start a down trend in late June/July/August that will end in late Oct. early November per the model's 2013 siderograph. The dates on the bottom of the graph are not correct. The vertical lines are the 1st of the month.

Arch Crawford is looking for the Dow to be at 14000 by November 1st.
Several other well know Financial Astrologers are saying that the highs this June will stand for a few years. They think we will see a 1-2 year bear market starting this August 2013.