Sunday, March 3, 2013

March reversals

March has seen many trends come to an end:
Winter ends and Spring begins
March 2000 high...the tech bubble high
March 2003 low ...the tech bubble low
March 2009 the credit crisis low
March 2012 stopped the rally until Sept

In 2012, the high of the year(HOY) was at Woodies yearly R1 pivot point, and the low of 2012 was at Woodies yearly Pivot(P). The Dow Jones INDU is very close to this years Woodie YR1 pivot and the 2007 highs. Peeps that bought the INDU in Sep/Oct 2007 are now getting close to break even. Will those peeps(sellers) be strong enough to stop the rally this March? Most bull market rallies run out of steam in the 5th year. This March, this rally is entering it's 5th year, since the 2009 March low. IMO, sometime this year the rally will end and the bear will be back for a year or two. The next Bradley Model 2013 turn date isn't until June 22/ Quad opex and summer begins.

Last week was the trickster. Look for the same this week.