Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Bradley Model

The 2011 Bradley Model is calling for another roller coaster year. There will be a big move starting in February and lasting through July. Will it be up or down? The model only predicts turning dates, not the direction. The turning dates are based on certain planetary alignments. It is uncanny accurate...IMO. Last years model showed the lowest reading ever and what happened? The Dow Jones dropped 1000 points in 1 day. The most ever on record! In 2007 the model called for the markets to top out on Oct topped on October 11th. The 2008 model showed a major new trend would start and in 2008 the market dropped almost 50%. In 2009 it showed another major new trend and the market bottomed in March and then it rallied(up 60%) for the rest of the year. We should know the direction on the 2011 model by March 1, 2011.