Sunday, December 20, 2009

Consolidation pattern

Last week the indexes didn't make new highs on the new moon, but the Dow futures did. Also last week, the weekly R1 pivots where the highs and weekly S1 was support. The consolidation pattern continues! For the past 30 days, the best way to trade this sideways consolidation is to short Dow 10500, and cover at 10250-10300. Or buy 10250-10300 on pullbacks and sell 10500. That pattern will probably change soon. The 50 day moving average below(blue line) at 10175 and the monthly Pivot is the next support area. There are open gaps at 10450 and at 9978. That's the trading range I am looking for this week 10450 - 9978. Tuesday we have GDP and existing home sales.